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god has abandoned america!

by Terry Beam


Did these headlines shock you and get your attention? Let me pose a follow-up question that is very sobering in its implications. If the opening statement is true, then where does that leave America? The noted pastor and author Dr. John MacArthur spoke this headline statement in a lecture given in June of 2007. Dr. MacArthur presented his explanation of why God had abandoned America. If he is correct in his assessment, then we as a nation are in deep trouble.

Many of you remember the late Adrian Rodgers who was the voice of the Love Worth Finding Ministry, Dr. Rodgers wrote a very moving booklet in 1999 entitled, “Will God Impeach America?” As one can see, there are many of us who have deep concerns about our nation. Dr. Rodgers built his presentation around Psalms 80 in which the hedge of protection was removed from the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manesseh. What about the hedge of protection around American, one might ask? Does it still exist or has it vanished into the darkness of our past?

The events of September 11, 2001 are forever etched into our collective memories. We all can recall in vivid details, the horror of that sad and tragic day. Who can forget the moving scenario of our congressional leaders singing God Bless America as they stood on the steps of the capital. Many feel that 9-1-1 marked a major turning point in this hedge of protection being removed from America. America took a real hit, but in many ways, a greater and more devastating event was getting ready to strike our land.

Hurricane Katrina made her destructive entry in late August of 2005. Katrina in many ways dwarfed the suffering and carnage of what happened in 2001. The Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans were simply ravaged by the horrific force of Katrina. The name Katrina means to “purify”, which is a very interesting point in itself.

So, we see two powerful and destructive events which prompts one to ponder this protective hedge issue. The question could be asked, has God had enough of what His righteous eyes have seen?

Genesis 18:20 records an amazing conversation between Abraham and the Lord. The Lord had actually come down to earth in physical form to talk with Abraham. The Lord told Abraham that He was going to personally visit Sodom and Gomorrah to see for Himself if the wickedness was as great as the report. The Lord went, observed, and then destroyed the twin cities with the purifying fire from above. Genesis 19 records the destruction that God rained down on those cities. These two cities had lost any hedge of protection because of their evil ways.

Psalms 89:14 says that Righteousness and Justice are the Foundation of God’s throne! Thereby, how can He continue to look the other way when His eyes behold the absolute disregard of these two foundational pillars by a nation and it’s people.

It’s a national tragedy that our children are not being taught our history from a true and accurate perspective! For example, let’s read a quote by Thomas Jefferson found inscribed on his memorial in Washington DC,

“Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country, said Jefferson, when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever!”

These are strong words from one of the most respected founders and leaders of early America! Jefferson would be literally astounded if he could see the condition of modern America! I think this great American and the other founding fathers would weep with anguish at the country they put their lives on the line to establish!

Most importantly, God divinely planted and established this unique nation with a special mandate and destiny! This special mandate and destiny is known and understood by only a select number of people. (For more comprehensive insight on America’s true destiny, go to our website listed below and request a free copy of the pamphlet entitled, “Israel and America’s DNA)

I will give you a glimpse of insight into America’s special destiny. The national DNA of Ancient Israel is showing up in the nation al bloodstream of modern America. What are the implications of this statement one might ask? The two nations are so reflective of each other in their appearance and similarities. The comparison in actual fact lends itself to an eerie diagnosis concerning their shared DNA composition. It seems that America has been cloned from the national genes of Ancient Israel.

Let’s begin to hone in on the real composite picture of this article. The first few books of the bible detail that God made a covenant agreement with His people Israel. This covenant was a solemn and binding agreement between Yahweh, the covenant God of Israel and His chosen people. Deuteronomy 4 and 6 details that the foundation of that special covenant was the giving of His commandments, decrees and statues. Israel’s history is, and was replete with the breaking of the covenant terms through, and by their disobedience of God’s laws. Modern America cannot plead innocent to the same charges. We have spurned, flaunted and treated His precious laws and commandments like spiritual rubbish. Ancient Israel could not escape the consequences of their actions and neither can America! We’ve told God too many times that we don’t need Him because we’re doing fine! We have broken covenant with our loving, merciful Father who gave us the blessings and country that we have. Dr. MacArthur said that it’s a terrible thing when the Lord abandon’s a nation. Dear readers, when that happens, there is no hedge of protection around us as a nation!

I want to point us at this time to two ominous passages found in Hosea and Amos.

Hosea 9:7 says, “The days of punishment are coming, the days of reckoning are at hand. Let Israel know this!”

Amos 8:1-3 says, “The Lord showed me a basket of ripe fruit. What do you see Amos, he asked? A basket of ripe fruit, Amos answered. Then the Lord said to me, The time is ripe for my people Israel, I will spare them no longer. In that day, declares the Lord, the songs in the temple will turn to wailing. Many, many bodies flung everywhere! Silence!” (NIV)

These are tough passages to read and quote, yet they are part of God’s word!
Are we looking at these two prophetic passages becoming reality for our times? Each of you can make your own decision!

Indeed, the time is ripe to wake up America! The trumpeting blast of the Shofar is admonishing and warning us to awaken out of our spiritual slumber and to get alert and active in examining our lives!

I John 2:3-6 gives much insight into what is required of all of us, “By this we know that we have come to know Him if we keep His commandments. The one who says, I have come to know Him and does not keep His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in Him. But whoever keeps His word, in Him the love of God is truly perfected. By this we know that we are in Him. The one who says He abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked!”

Many are asking the question, what can we do? The message of this ministry is simple yet requires action. Accept and really get to know the only true Messiah and Savior Yeshua Jesus. Pattern your life after Him and follow Him. It is only through Him and His atoning work that one can enter into the Father’s house!
The time is ripe for God to rain His righteous justice down upon America! The time is also ripe for us to repent and return to the Father’s house and abide by His righteous commandments!

America, it’s time for you to turn your face and come back to your Father’s house! He waits for you with love and open arms! America, blessed and beloved of God, the time is ripe for you to come back to your home, O prodigal nation!